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Hairstyles dont have to be the most confusing part of your day! (hair salon 10016)

Two men with the same cut can end up with two entirely different hairstyles, which they tailor to their work, their cultural affinities, and of course their lifestyle. It might sound overwrought, but your hairstyle—as a component of your appearance—is necessarily part of the message you send to the world. Do you pick a matte style, applied dry, for a laid-back, textured look? Or do you opt instead for a shiny product, combed through your towel-dried hair for a sleek, sophisticated finish? (hair salon 10016)

Now, mosdownloadt of the fashion world, GQ included, leaned prominently toward matte products in the past decade—gone were the spiked tips and gelled curls of the late 90s boy-band era and the hard shine of the early 2000s metrosexual. If you look back through the GQ covers in recent years, the cover stars sport mostly dry-looking quaffs and matte, natural fades. (hair salon 10016)

But in 2017, shine is making a comeback. We owe a little credit to Don Draper for this resurgence, but it’s not the pomade-heavy, slicked-over Mad Men styles that are tiptoeing back into fashion. Instead, it’s a combination of old-school influence, mixed with the last decade of textured, beach-friendly styles. Its emphasis is definition: Texture is key to any style, and a bit of shine further emphasizes yours by catching the light at any angle. You don’t need to overdo it on the luster, though: The healthiest glow is usually a humble one. (hair salon 10016)

That said, textured matte styles are still as popular as ever (so don’t discard your fibers and waxes just yet!). There’s a styling spectrum out there. And it’s up to every guy to decide for himself which side of the debate he’ll fall on. In an effort to clarify the options in front of you, we’ve categorized every type of product you need to know about. Then we’ll help you figure out which one is best for you. (hair salon 10016)

The most common shiny stylers:

Cream: In damp, towel-dried hair, cream gives you a medium shine with a light hold that tames strays. (hair salon 10016)

Traditional pomade: The word “pomade” is often interchangeable with “style” these days—you’ll see “clay pomades” and “wax pomades” which often aren’t hybrids at all. Here, we’re talking about the classic stuff—shiny and lightweight and combed into damp, towel-dried hair. The result is a Wall-Street slickness with medium hold. (hair salon 10016)

Oil: Rarely will you use hair oil on its own, unless you’ve got long hair and need to tame strays. However, you can put a drop or two into your cream or paste to get a higher shine and definition, without altering hold. Best of all, most oils are made with nourishing, fortifying ingredients.

Gel: With gel, you get slip-n-slide shimmer with a solid grip. Think Eric and Don Jr. (Shiver.) Obviously, apply it into towel-dried hair. (hair salon 10016)

The most common matte products:

Wax: Use wax sparingly, or else your hair will clump together with a nice melted-candle shine. A dime-size amount in dry hair will give you medium hold with a pinch of shine.

Fiber: Used in dry hair, you’ll get a high hold without shine. (hair salon 10016)


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