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Do gummy supplements deliver what they promise? ( hair salon 10016 )

In the past year, many companies have emerged promising to deliver the best hair, skin and nails of your life in just one chewable bite. These gummy supplements are loaded with good-for-your-tresses ingredients, such as biotin and vitamin C, and promise to plump skin and smooth strands. But how accurate are these claims? And, most importantly, are these sweet treats safe for consumption? We reached out to the experts to find out if a gummy a day will keep the doctor away and rapidly promote Rapunzel-like locks. (hair salon 10016)

Supplements are meant to do just what it sounds like — add a boost of needed nutrients when your diet isn’t complete. “A healthy diet full of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, healthy protein and good fat can provide all the essential nutrients you need, but studies show that only one in 10 Americans actually follow this diet,” says Taryn Forrelli, vice president of innovation and resident nutritionist for Ollysupplements. “Consequently, most people don’t get all of the vitamins and minerals their bodies need to function properly. Taking a multivitamin helps ensure your basic needs are met.” (hair salon 10016)

Brands like Olly, VitaFusion and HUM Nutrition all offer nutrient-rich, bite-size gelatin gummies, which promise to give users glowy skin from within and the silky smooth strands of their Shear Bliss NYC - gummy - 9-7-2016 - Shearblissnyc.comdreams. But are the ingredients inside kosher for consumption? (hair salon 10016)

“As with any nutritional product, it all comes down to the quality of the ingredients involved,” says author and dietitian Shelly Malone. “Are they made from whole foods? Do they contain GMOs? Are there harmful, synthetic preservatives, known as excipients, added? And yes, how much sugar is added (likely a good amount in a gummy vitamin)?” (hair salon 10016)

Currently, most gummies on the market do contain plenty of extra sugar to make them fun to eat, which “increases the inflammatory and fat-storing hormone, insulin,” says Malone. Add in the artificial coloring and additives for taste, and you’ve already got more ingredients than you bargained for. (hair salon 10016)

It’s not that gummy vitamins aren’t safe, says N.Y.C.-based dermatologist Michele Green, MD, but she cautions users to be aware of each brand’s serving size — and to follow it closely. (hair salon 10016)

“There is a risk of overconsumption because of their candy-like taste,” Green tells PeopleStyle. “People tend to take more than the recommended dose.” (hair salon 10016)

Adds Malone: “This similarity to candy could lead to taking excess doses, and in this case, more is not better,” she explains. “In addition to the concern over toxic doses of the fat-soluble vitamins A and D, taking too high of doses of certain nutrients can actually lead to deficiencies of others.” (hair salon 10016)

But the question remains: Do these sweet treats promote hair growth? Yes, says Green, a contributor to RealSelf. “They will make your hair grow stronger and thicker, while new hair growth may appear to have more luster, shine and ‘health.’” And that hair growth usually takes about three to four weeks to surface, she says. (hair salon 10016)

As far as results go, Malone says growth and health takes time — and varies depending on the person, as well as a number of different variables. (hair salon 10016)

“It is hard to say [how long] because individual [results] will be different. If taken consistently and appropriately, I would give it a few weeks to a couple of months to see improvements,” she tells PeopleStyle. “It’s also important to always consult a physician or nutritionist before beginning a supplement program as individual needs vary greatly and some nutrients can have adverse interactions — with other nutrients, or medications.”  (hair salon 10016)

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