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Follow these simple and easy steps to get great bedhair when you wake up. (salon 10016)

With its casual waves and sexy messiness, tousled bedhead hair looks chic, effortless, and low-maintenance. But not all of us are genetically blessed with the perfect thick hair that allows us to roll out of bed with a perfectly mussed bedhead. I’m pretty sure I’d scare everyone in my immediate vicinity if I just woke up and went to work like that. So we spoke with Michael Dueñas, founder of Hair Room Service, for tips on how to pull off bedhead.( salon 10016 )

Step 1: Wash your hair before you go to bed. Time it so you can hit the pillow when your hair is about 90% air-dried. “If it’s too wet, it may not be dry in the a.m.,” cautions Dueñas. “And who wants to sleep on a wet pillow?”Shear Bliss NYC - hair Salon 10016 - NYC salon best salon -morning hair 7-6-2016

Step 2: While you’re waiting for it to dry, apply product. He recommends running a mousse through your hair while it’s still damp; it’ll help smooth unruly strands and tame the frizz. If you’d prefer less texture or staying power, spritz a hairspray like Oribe Super Fine Hairspray on your wet hair.( salon 10016 )

Step 3: Then, smoothe out any snarls with a detangling brush. If you skip this step, you risk waking up with a tangled bird’s nest.

Step 4: Put your nearly-dry hair in a high bun right before you go to sleep. Buns are a twofer: they help ward off frizz and they create waves. Position your bun on the crown of your head or higher, which will keep you from smushing it while you sleep.( salon 10016 )

Step 5: In the morning, shake out your bun and loosen with an extra wide-tooth comb. “This will help give a finger bombed look to your hair, and a more tousled feel,” says Dueñas.

Step 6: Now, tame any flyaways. Spray some hairspray on your hands or on a detangling brush, and lightly work through any unruly areas. “This way, you will not over-burden your hair with product,” says Dueñas. If you’d like to make your hair more piecey, try a malleable pomade.( salon 10016 )

Bedhead is supposed to be all natural and messy, so don’t fret if it’s not perfect. Now go grab yourself some coffee—you’ve earned that A.M. free time with your fabulously low-fuss ‘do.

( salon 10016 )

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