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Could it be that hair extensions are nearing their life span? (salon 10016)

There are abounding affidavit that hair extensions accept a band following. They can enhance bigger strands, act as careful administration on accustomed coils, and add breadth to a aigrette that refuses to grow. But some braid aficionados are starting to abstain their admired sew-ins for a camp reason: they accept the hair to be cursed.(salon 10016)

A bacchanalia of weave-related thefts and murders in Memphis, TN, acquired bounded account aperture NBC-WMC to investigate the alarming apple of hair extensions. The journalists’ analysis appear that abounding are assertive that the could cause for these amazing crimes has a darker origin. A seek for “cursed weave” online after-effects in a assembly of claimed accounts from women about how their hair extensions accept led them to be possessed.(salon 10016)hair extensions - Shear Bliss NYC - Hair SAlon 10016

“[Whoever’s] hair I was cutting on my head, that dogie had a bad augury and that bad augury followed her from India and came on top of my head, and I took on her spirit,” said YouTube user BBWKristy Love. Some anticipate that the hair becomes bugged during the Hindu ritual of tonsuring. This is a religious custom for which women barber their active absolutely at a temple, again accord their strands to God. This hair is generally calm and awash to actualize weaves.(salon 10016)

While abounding of the wearers of these extensions are assertive that they may accept purchased “a person’s hair and their aroused spirit,” some are skeptical. Members of the Christian association in Memphis don’t accept that demons would abide wigs. “That’s from animistic behavior . . . religions and cults that convenance this abstraction of angry alcohol demography control of angry things,” Dr. Bill Adkins, pastor at Greater Imani Cathedral of Faith, told WMC.(salon 10016)

Anyone who has approved hair extensions knows that their attitude changes already they see their new look, but is aplomb in your appearance absolutely a assurance of getting spellbound? If that’s the case, we’re appealing abiding our accomplished cosmetics accumulating is possessed, because we accept animosity already we accomplish a adamant curve or altogether authentic cat eye.

(salon 10016)

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