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Next time you are going to the salon make sure you don’t ask for these. (salon 10016)

Before attending your next hair appointment, there are some things to consider, like whether you want a complete restyle and how much you’re going to have chopped. You might not realize, though, that there are things you should never ask for at your hair appointment. (salon 10016)

Although some hair stylists are super friendly and can seem like your best friends, at the end of the day, hair stylists are also professionals. Most stylists have been extensively trained in their art; in addition to this, many have a specific niche that they specialize in, like coloring or men’s styling. So, although you may think you know best when it comes to your tresses, chances are that it’s best off leaving your locks in the capable hands of the professionals if you want your hair at its healthiest. (salon 10016)

Obviously you don’t want to leave the hair salon unhappy either, sporting a look you didn’t want, but you also don’t want to disregard the professional opinion of your hair stylist either. So, before your next trip to the salon, here are a bunch of things to never ask your hairstylist.hair style salon - Shear bliss NYC - Salon 10016

1. For “A Tiny Trim” If Your Hair Is Damaged

Lois Scales, a hairstylist at Infinity Hair Design says, “People just ask for a tiny trim when their hair is seriously damaged at the ends and really needs a good cut. We know how much better it would be if they took our advice, but they never do. They don’t believe us when we say if you cut the dead ends off, it will grow a lot better.” Trust that your stylist knows what’s best for your hair, and in this case, how to help it grow faster. (salon 10016)

2. For Hair Care Advice If You’re Going To Ignore It

Amy Smith, owner and hairstylist of Infinity Hair Design, says that when people ask for advice on how to keep their color from fading, or how to look after their damaged hair, they seldom take the stylist’s advice. Smith says she recommends the professional hair care products available to buy in her salon, that are proven in improving the quality of damaged hair or that help colored hair from fading, but people are reluctant to pay the higher cost for higher quality products. At the end of the day, you can’t expect miracles from value products. (salon 10016)

3. For A Quick Transformation To Platinum Blonde Hair

Vicky Duke, hairstylist and owner of Bombshell Hair Salon, says, “A client will have been bright red or black for years and they want to be…blonde within a matter of weeks. To keep the condition of the hair is priority over anything, but the client would rather have blonde straw-like hair within a few weeks. Gradually, over a few months, they could have lovely blonde hair that’s still in good condition. They just won’t listen… They go home and do it themselves then eventually down the line, come back into the salon complaining their hair never grows.” Patience is obviously a virtue when it comes to platinum. (salon 10016)

4. For “A Quick Trim”

Duke says via social media, “There’s one thing that really tickles me with clients. They walk in at the end of a day…asking for a ‘quick trim.’ What is a quick trim? It takes about half an hour to do a ‘quick’ trim.”

5. For Brunette Locks If You’re A Blonde, If You Haven’t Thought It Through

Scales says if you’re blonde and you fancy a change, you should really think about the implications of going darker. Scales says that reverting to blonde again, from a dark shade, is a gradual process. She says, “…nearly 90 percent of the time, whenever someone is blonde and they want to go dark, they always regret it.” So next time you fancy a dramatic color change, contemplate how long it will take you to get back to your original shade, especially if your current color is much lighter than the new hue you want. I can totally empathize with this situation, as the very same thing happened to me when I decided to transform from a blonde, to a brunette. (salon 10016)

6. For A High Maintenance Haircut Unless You Are Aware Of The Upkeep

Smith says that people ask for high maintenance haircuts without thinking about the daily maintenance involved. She says that clients should ask themselves, “Does my current routine allow time for me to style my hair? Can I manage this hairstyle on a daily basis? Does my lifestyle give me time to allow for this addition to my schedule?” If you answered “No” to any of the above, you might wish to reconsider getting a high maintenance hair cut. (salon 10016)

7. For A Color Without A Skin Test

Duke tells me that customers ask to have their hair colored, but they don’t always think about the health and safety risks involved. Even if her clients say they have had a test in the past gauging their skin’s reactions to hair color, Duke says she’ll try one again, to make sure everything is safe.  (salon 10016)

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