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These three simple tips could really help some people who need and love getting Blowouts.
I have very, very curly hair. Like, a mountainous tumble of ringlets. Generally, I think it’s sort of cute (in an “How Will I Know”-era Whitney Houston way)—but it’s work. It’s more high-maintenance that a small, yippy lapdog. My curls are impossible to detangle, I have to spritz them with a moisturizing reviving spray every morning, and they get crushed and matted after a full night’s sleep. So, suffice it to say, I really like getting blowouts here and there. Wearing it straight is just so much…easier. I get it Straight Hair - SHear Bliss NYC - Salon 10016straightened on a Sunday, and don’t touch it again for up to a week!(Salon 10016 NYC) Of course, blowouts can tend to devolve at a certain point—my roots get oily, my second-or-third-day hair starts to pick up environmental scents (Eau de Spaghetti Carbonara), and it can start to look dull. I have hacks for each issue. Check out my three foolproof steps for extending your blowout!


Dry shampoo is a lifesaver, not only because it controls oil and buildup between shampoos, but because it gives hair body at the root (simply apply, flip hair over, and massage into your scalp). My hands-down favorite is SachaJuan Volume Powder $32—this potent spray dries to a matte finish, leaving hair fresh, clean, and lushly tousled.(Salon 10016 NYC)


It’s a sad fact that hair can carry the scent of whatever it’s exposed to. Nothing freshens an aging blowout like a lightweight hair scent. I’m a fan of Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist in Crème Vanilla—not only does this lightweight, faintly-scented mist smell like the holidays in a bottle, it also manages to fight frizz and strand static.


After the second day, your blowout can look a bit blah. Shine-free. And when hairs rub up against the rough cotton fibers in your pillowcase, it can result in an ever duller-looking finish. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase, instead—the shiny surface helps hair retain its natural oils and look glossier than ever.(Salon 10016 NYC)

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