Secrets to Shiny Hair – Shear Bliss Salon NYC | Salon 10016

One of the best ways to cap off a great hairstyle is with a brilliant shine. Locks that reflect light not only look great, they also radiant a healthy glow. So, what are you waiting for? Get glossy locks with these shiny hair secrets today! salon 10016 (click “Read More“)Read More »

Quick home remedies to stop hair Loss. | Hair Salon 10016 NYC

Take extra care of your hair this season. Use easy homemade hair masks made out of coconut and cream for dry hair or banana crème mask, which is good for damaged and weak hair, says an expert.Read More »

10 facts about your hair, you didn’t know. – Salon 10016 | Shear Bliss NYC

So your hair is your best friend huh? You love pampering it by washing, blow-drying, styling and using one hundred products for it. Ever wondered why hair loss seems like a never-ending problem? We bet you don’t know these things about your “best friend”.

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